Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Why You Need Travel Insurance

It is a good idea to purchase travel insurance if you are going to be participating in any sports while away on your vacation. Sometimes you may not consider the sport dangerous, but some medical insurance companies will not cover any injuries that occurred with sports that they deem dangerous. For these cases, it is important to have the travel insurance. Some carriers will cover sports but with restrictions. Finding out that your injury was not covered while you are in the hospital is not the ideal time.

When seeking out travel insurance, the most important part is the medical coverage. Although, you may not consider the activity or sport dangerous, there is still a risk that you could get injured. Higher risk of injury will bring on higher cost of policy. If you consider the cost of a hospital stay or treatment for injury, it more than makes up for the higher costs associated with these policies.

Before buying the travel insurance, you need to make sure that the activity that you are doing is going to be covered. In order to reduce the risk that it is not covered, you should request that your activity is clearly stated on the policy. That will ensure that should you make a claim, it will not be denied. You should also ask if the sport or activity that you are participating in has limits. Some sports will be divided into different risk levels, so it is important to ensure that you are covered for a higher risk level than needed. It is better to be safe than sorry with something like this. If you are buying the travel insurance, you definitely want to be able to use it should you need to.

You want to specifically ask if 'Search & Rescue' is covered. Most travel insurance policies will not include that unless it is clearly stated. It is imperative to have this with sports like hiking or skiing.

Other benefits to look for with travel insurance are to ensure that not only your luggage is covered, but also any sports equipment that may be lost. Some policies even include rental for equipment while you are on holiday should yours be lost or stolen.

Things to be aware of and make sure that your policy does not have these limitations on it. Manual labour, competitive activities, older equipment and theft may not be covered.

Al enjoys always enjoys his winter getaway. Annual travel insurance means that he never has to make sure he's covered before he goes.
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